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Matt Scott started down the path that led him to Earthsol after discovering his father's Led Zeppelin IV album.  "I had been tossing around my first guitar for a while but could never really put anything together on it until this time, when I was 14 or 15.  It was Zeppelin, then my following foray into the world of classic rock is what really made it all click for me."  He sites classic rock guitar greats like Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend and Jerry Garcia as major influences but from there his appetite for music of all kinds has grown.  Going through major musical phases that include Jazz, Classic Country, Hip Hop and all of the great Seattle sound stuff that he grew up with has allowed him to take a page from all of these books to develop a guitar sound of his own.   This development has continued to grow with the emergence the great Rock / Indie music scene that has taken shape more currently. 

Kim Vrooman “sings “with dangerous abandon, jacking words like a thief.” Kim was named Best Female Vocalist in 2003 by the St. Louis Riverfront Times. The Open Mic she hosts in Soulard at the Shanti was voted Best Open Mic in St. Louis 2008.  She is excited about playing live and inviting folks to listen.  She has been performing since 6th grade on a variety of instruments including French horn, trumpet, and a bit of piano, but she feels most at home now with her Taylor acoustic and a new vocal melody.   She has a comedy duo called East End Girls, and sings jazz standards from time to time with the Kimmy V Trio. She lives in Belleville, Illinois and some of her favorite musical artists are: Vitamen A, Rebecca Ryan, Blues Traveler, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, The Grateful Dead, Uncle Tupelo, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone,& Joan Armatrading.  She also founded the not for profit corporation: Tapestry of Community Offerings with her husband Tony, and some close family friends and continues to play at their annual TOCO Family Festival for thirteen years running!

Dan Cross hails from ol’ Bellevegas: he lives downtown with his son and roommate Clay. He loves smacking on the bass strings while taking rips up and down the neck, mixing bass tones with lead riffs.  He plays in a few bands around town including Vinyl Frontier. His style is perky and experimental: always entertaining.  He loves any kind of music he can find.  It is all expression of people on the planet. He likes kindness and honesty. He  likes making things--art, music, movies, and lots of other stuff. He dislike violence, selfishness, and Budweiser but he drank one at Midwest Mayhem. He likes people, individually and in groups. He refuses to lie about anything, like James Spader in "Sex, Lies, and Videotape.". He also heads up the Film Department at Southwestern Illinois College.

Larry Hoff plays drums and percussion and breaks young ladies hearts.

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