EarthSol came together in Bellecourt Place, an old church abbey in downtown Belleville, Illinois, & they've been growing ever since. Songwriters Kim Vrooman (Kimmy V) & Matt Scott collaborate heavily. By adding lyrical insight & a sprinkle of spicy groove sauce to their original & cover tunes, the four piece ensemble creates an eclectic sound that is uniquely EarthSol. 

They are not a jam band; they are a rock ’n’ roll band that jams.Through the magical milieu of music, the band’s union has produced many diverse & intense visions of the human condition & they've done it all while rocking booties!  


NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AND IN PRINT, EarthSol’s latest Release, Testament, is a rock ’n’ roll album. It dips into country, a little bit of blues, a little bit of pop, & a little bit of psychedelia.  The themes encompass love, human relationships; the political climate & moving spiritual insights.

If you want to TOUCH the actual CD with your hands, READ the lyrics up close with your eyes, & SEE the beautiful artwork by Mark Triller, you can order the CD from Amazon or CD Baby.  You can also reach out to EarthSol as they happen to have a few copies on hand. 

About EarthSol


Learning to love is all that is left to do.

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